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SMA are proud to announce the up-and-coming release of their latest project “The Experimental 10”.

SMA had the idea to showcase the talents of some of South Australia’s finest musicians and to record the project in South Australia.

Utilising Mixmaster’s awesome analogue studio facility and the production values of South Australian engineers and producers, the project is exclusively South Australian.

The album is a collection of songs showcasing the song writing talents of SMA. There is great diversity so everyone will find something they like on this recording.

There were no sheets written or rehearsals for the sessions, Willie and Mick Wordley directed traffic and everyone was given their head. The songs were performed in basic form with room to move so that everyone could add their own creative contribution. The project was recorded in six days from start to finish.

The album is set for release in November 2017. In the coming weeks we will be posting vision, pictures, interviews and performances from the 6 days recording to our social media platforms.

SMA has also shot a video for the proposed single ”Mr Fancy Pants” and it will be posted on social media and this web site also in July .We will have a Twitter account and Facebook open for comment and we welcome them good, bad or indifferent.

The album will be released in CD and digital form available on iTunes & Bandcamp. You can purchase a physical CD by emailing us by clicking here and we will mail one to anywhere in the world for $10 USD or $7 USD within Australia.

Please enjoy the journey with us.




All songs written and Produced by Willie McCracken and Paul Lavender Sydney Music Australia Recorded at Mixmaster’s Studio in Adelaide, South Australia, and Studio 301 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Engineered mixed and mastered by Mick Worldly & Willie McCracken.

Musicians – Willie McCracken – drums, tambourine, percussion’ lead vocal
Paul Lavender – bass, electric and acoustic guitars, Backing Vocals
Chris Finnen – electric, acoustic and slide guitars, banjo guitar
David Blight – harmonica, vocals, Backing Vocals
Nick Pipe – electric guitars
Stefan Metzger – brushes, djembe
Kyle Clarke – bass,
Kelly Menhennit – vocals , Backing Vocals
Jason McMahon – tenor sax
Chris Weber – trumpet, baritone horn
Mick Wordley – hammond organ

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